Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chromed "CYRUS"

I thought I would run this picture of Chromed Cyrus again.  With some new readers, I suspect some of you haven't seen this picture yet.

For thos of you who havent seen Cyrus before, Cyrus is a custom figure inspired by Chromantron with 1 very big difference.  ChromeAntron is a static or still figure.  It cannot be posed because it was chromed OVER the rivets.  If you attempt to pose it, you will flake the chrome.

Cyrus on the other hand was totally dismantled for chroming.  Rivets were drilled out.  After chroming, it was reassembled and riveted back together.  It is fully articulate and pose-able.  I currently have 8 Cyrus figures with only 1 chromed and 3 painted. Although, I am having 1 more chromed in the reverse of this current figure.

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