Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hero Factory Trading Cards UNCUT SHEET

I am not sure if the  Uncut Trading Card Sheet was made because collectors asked for it or if it was just done because they were printing the cards anyway.  But Hero Factory ran off a few sheets of Uncut Trading Cards for us.

I ended up with 4.  I wanted 2 so I could display both the front and back of the cards, but they were shipped flat in very thin cardboard.  There was no strength or support, so when something fell against it or on it, it creased the cardboard folder as well as the 2 Uncut Sheets inside.  The seller was nice enough to replace them for me.

The sheets are laminated.  And the lamination while it did protect the sheets, it has been disturbed and you can see it in close ups.

Besides the Hero Factory Trading Cards, they also produced the Uncut Trading Card Sheet and 2 different Micronaut Binders.   I'll have to check and see who is responsible for the Micronauts Digital DVD Comic.

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