Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hulk Explorer And Spidermobile

Recently there was a Batmobile on ebay and I believe there is still a Hulk explorer on ebay or a little over $700.  I manged to pick these 2 up for a song.  The Hulk Explorer is missing the wheels and the dart.  It also needs new screws as the ones in it are rusted.  And also the Spidermobile. it also needs wheels and a few accessories.  I am going to get theses back into shape.  I wouldnt mind making the whole set.

The one thing I have never liked about the Solarion is the ski's and the the thing I dont like about the Trons and a few other vehicles, is the front wheel.

I think the front wheel from the battle cruiser finishes off the look much better.  It makes it look sleek instead of...wonky.  So I am going to make a bunch of these front wheels in various colors.

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