Saturday, May 14, 2011

Palisades Uncirculated Centaur Trading Cards

The current Front Page features a slightly unknown piece of Palisades History.  

These cards were thought about and a few made, but none were 'officially' released for sale.  It is my understanding that they were 'swag' items.   Palisades had a "Club" and on their web site they gave away various "swag" items for different things.  One of which was a Palisades T-Shirt.  If they posted your customs on their web site they sent you one.  I  have one in my closet.  I should probably photograph it.  Anyway, It is my belief that these cards were designed as a "swag" item for their web site.  At least that's what I think.

  Ken happened to have a few and threw in a couple when I purchased the Gold Force Commander.  The 3-D Hologram is a cool touch.


  1. i'm totally diggn that pencil work for those cards. if i could get a decent size file of one of those cards outside of the plastic sleeve i might be able to create a color version of it.

  2. There is a color version on the Palisades Centaurus Packaging complete with color decal.

  3. no @#$%? can you send me the link?

  4. Sure...there's a full front and back view of the card.