Sunday, May 15, 2011

More On Italy's Baronkarlo- Other names

I know that this discussion has been making its way through the forums.  Normally I try to stay away from "Blacklisting".  Things can easily get blown out of proportion with the omission of the slightest detail.  But so much negativity has come from this Baronkarlo,  that I would be negligent as a collector if I didnt pass this information along.

This is an exerpt from a "REPUTABLE"  Italian Collector that I personally have dealt with and trust...

" carefull there is an ebay user "baronkarlo" or "padaniarobot" or "daitarncarlo" (the same user) that sell fake and he have a lobstros, ampzilla and much more... dont buy it!!! or you lost your money. say that to all your friend and micronauts collectors, he sell on and  Look on his feedback, you can find all the nick/alias he use because he sell himself to have positive feedbacks."

I am sure everyone knows the name Baronkarlo, I just wasnt sure if others were aware of these other 2 names he also uses.

Like I said, I dont normally endorse publicly warning people about other collector's/dealers, but the evidence against this individual is so overwhelming, I would feel real bad if someone else got taken because I didnt pass this information along.

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