Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lobstros Guns VS Ampzilla Guns

Recently I was supplied with a gun to replicate.  The gun supplied was in fact a cast of an Ampzilla Gun.  I did not make it.  For the longest time I thought that the Lobstros gun and the Ampzilla gun were the same.  MEGO was famous for maximizing the usage of their molds.  But as I looked at the 2 of them, they are in fact NOT the same. 

I dont know if this is common knowledge or not, but they aren't.  The top fin that sticks up from the gun is singular and smaller on the Ampzilla gun.  It is doubled in thickness and taller on the Lobstros gun.  The 5 mm pegs are also longer which would make sense as this would be more accommodating to the curves and slopes of the Lobstros body.

See how thin the "Fin" is that sticks up out of this Ampzilla gun cast?

This picture shows the 5mm peg hole length difference.  Again done to be more fitting to the Lobstros body design.

A perfect shot of the Lobstros gun showing both the "Fin" and an extra bigger panel up right beside it.

I went to ISO to see if the pictures there could verify this for me or not.  ISO has clear shots definitively proving that the casts supplied to me are indeed Ampzilla casts.  The ISO Lobstros pictures are a little less definitive, but in the top left and top right pictures you can see that the top fins are indeed thicker and the extra portion is indeed taller. 

Indeed...there's always something. : ~)

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