Thursday, October 20, 2011

Micronaut Books Mags and DVDs

A lot of artwork has been put into various Magazines.  Super 7 had a stint where they ran the one magazine with Antron on the cover.  This post is so very hard for me to write. I am not a journalist.  What I am trying to accomplish to to show some of the various magazines, books and DVDS that every Micronaut collector should be aware about. 

I have taken various pictures of some of the items mentioned that I have.  There is so much more yet that should be include in this post that I am missing.  I will post the pictures and tell what I can about them.

I will be doing posts a little later on each picture individually with a more specific content breakdown.  For now I am just showing some of what is available for Micronaut Reference Material.

 These are the first books by Gordon Williams.  The story rotates around man trying to come up with ways of feeding everyone.  Originally the plan was to enlarge the produce.  They instead worked to shrink man and then the tales they got into in their yard.  Its actually well written and I think it leaves alot of possibilities however farfetched somewhat plausible.  the book seems to have been printed several times with various different covers.  There are 3 books to this set, but I am missing one.  I have bought Revolt of the Micronauts 4 times now thinking its the book I am missing.  The 2 books on the left are the same.  Just different covers.  I was halfway through the book the second time before I figured it out.   I kept thinking this seemed oddly familiar.  lol
 This is the famed Micropola Issue # 00  By Ron Pringle.  I cant begin to tell you everyone who contributed to this magazine.  It reveals alot of the Micronauts, prototypes the toys.  A great magazine.  You occassionally find one on Ebay.  Not often tho.  And each time it does, the price goes higher and higher.  An invaluable resource.

 Micropola Issue # 01.  This bad boy covers EVERYTHING!  And when I mean everything, I mean everything.  I have had this disc for years and still havent gone through everything on it.  These 2 items are the best resources you can find for Micronauts.  Wait till I break this disc down in its own post.  You wont believe what all it covers.  There is also one other Micronaut CD.  It is the Digital Comic of the first 4 issues of the Devils Due Run I believe.  Actually there are a few other Micronaut CD's as well.  I understand there are various MEGO Commercial CD's out there as well. 

 I am sure everyone is aware of this magazine.  Mr. Marty Abrahms telling the MEGO story.  Pretty self explanatory there.  lol.

Jon Bonavita has put out many books for collectors.  They are excellent resources for  lists.  It is a complete list of Megos line including Micronauts.  The only thing I dont think applies anymore is the price guide.  Ebay has pretty much taken over as a more accurate market indicator.  Some of the prices listed are these days obsolete.  I believe it lists Rocket Tubes as somewhere around $200.  I got mine for $10.00 and the Deluxe Rocket tubes for $15.00
This is the Steve Lyons Micronauts Trilogy.  For me, I found them to be well written and a very enjoyable read.  It is a nice deviation from the Marvel Comic storyline.  Its cohesive and well thought out.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading these and still do.

Like I stated earlier, I will be making individual posts on each of these above pics and a more complete look at what each one covers.

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  1. that was a very nice and comprehensive posting. for me the Bill Mantlo & Mike Golden work on Marvel's Micronauts will forever be the quintessential Micronaut comic book. i never much cared for the Devil's Due version it deviated too far from the toys in terms of it's over all feel and look. i have that Super Seven issue you mentioned it's a nice way to have that Ken Kelly art in a nice published format with out having thrown down much money. looking forward to seeing more of that Micropola book.