Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Palisades Red Falcon Prototype

I havent displayed this figure on the blog yet, so we'll start with it.  The Palisades Red Falcon Prototype.  This is not the complete Red Falcon Prototype.  I dont know if there are other parts for this or not.  After Palisades toys released their run, they sold everything online.  All their prototypes, banners, left over parts, everything.  I noticed a loose bag with red writing on it describing the parts.  So I am not sure if other prototype parts not with this set were made and sold separately to other collectors or not.  I bought this one privately from a former collector.

The Chest is reversed in the packaging to show it off..  Palisades was very collector oriented.  They went to the collectors for their opinions and also for their figures.  They used the finest examples and rewarded those who 'GAVE' them their figures with thank you figures.  Mostly Gold Baron Karza's, altho it is my understanding that at least a couple of collectors may have been given Gold Force Commanders.

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