Friday, January 6, 2012

MEGO Batman

And then there was one.

 It isnt the best example I have seen, but these guys are next to impossible to find anymore.  MEGO Batman.  There is a set of four.  The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Batman and Spiderman.  The Hulk seems to be more common.  Superman slightly less so.  Batman is very difficult to find and the MEGO Spiderman is dang near impossible.  Timing is everything. 
I saw Superman and I believe it was Batman MOC a few months back.  But the seller wanted more than I was willing to pay.  So I zapped up this loose one.  The cape is slightly damaged but the figure is nice and tight.  I have the Hulk and Superman, so now all I need is the Spiderman.

And then there was left to find.  And this one could take a while.


  1. Damn, I had one of those when I was VEEEEEEERY little. Wish I respected my toys better when I was an infant.

  2. I always wanted those figures when I was a kid but my parents were never able to find them...