Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stripping Paint Without Damage

I was presented with some information today that is just too invaluable to not post it.  There have been alot of things recommended for stripping paint.  It is a tender issue because most solvents destroy the plastic.

  But apparently this degreaser is just all around too good to be true.


I have not tried this method, so I cant say for sure it works, but according to the information I does.


Castrol Super Clean

The reason I will try it is because CSC is water soluble.  You simply pour the CSC into a container large enough to submerge your piece that you wish to strip, wait 5-6 hours and simply lightly run a toothbrush over the surface.  You might have to repeat the process for harder to reach areas.  Wash the piece off with some non abrasive soap, rinse and you are done.

** Please Note **
CSC is a caustic product and all precautions should be taken when using this product including rubber gloves and eye protection.  Always refer to product safety information for safety precautions and first aid.

I havent had need to do this.  With the GEEG body I used for Flight Commander, I simply ran the die cast under a wire wheel.  Took off the paint nice and shined the body up in the process. But I wouldnt recommend this with plastic figures.  Also you have to be careful sith some die cast parts.  They get really brittle with age.

But like I said, I havent had to try this yet.  But I really like the fact its water soluble.  It says good for enamel, acrylic, CHROME and some lacquers.

Hmmm.  I just caught the chrome part.  This could be real useful.  :~)

And we actually have a testimonial now that it does indeed work.  See comments.  


  1. I let a couple of plastic HALO figures from MEGA-Bloks soak all night. These figures are composed of a few different hard/soft plastics, so a good test subject. The paint apps and wash came off VERY easily with a soft toothbrush. After rinsing off in sink/water, the plastic looks & feels new. No evidence of any damage to just seems to 'lift' paint completely off. Going to try this on some MICRONAUTS parts with old decals now.

  2. Thanks a lot for verifying this for us. I am sure this we be an invaluable product to alot of hobbyists/customizers. :~)