Sunday, November 6, 2016

Magnets and Molds

Im trying an experiment.  If it fails, no harm done.  I can still use the mold.

In industry, you never have a pin and a hole made of the same material.  If they jam, they will basically weld themselves together.  One is usually a milder or softer material meant to be replaced with wear.

In particular is the Diaclone Pilots.  They have metal pins for the which the arms/legs to hitch onto.  It lessens the wear.  I was considering only making half the mold and then putting in the pin by hand and then pouring the second half and thought that left too much room for error.  Plus I want the resin to 100% cure around the pins I make for this.

So Im trying to see if I can use magnets to hold the pins in place when I pour the resin.  I simply laid the magnets on top of the bed.  This way except for one face, the entire magnet field is held in the silicone.
If it doesn't work, I can simply remove the magnets and fill in the space with more silicone.
Now to wash it up and pour the silicone and see if it works.  On a personal note...I always make one alignment peg different than the others.  Its easy to get confused when pouring and get your orientation of the mold halves mixed up.



  1. This is so cool, what an idea! Is it possible (or worthwhile) to machine the pin dimensions to a close enough tolerance that they could simply be help in place by the mold itself? Or will your pin design differ from what we see here in the pics? Love the idea of a magnet to hold something in place within a mold cavity!!

  2. totally stoked for these Austin!!!!!!!!!!!