Thursday, November 17, 2016

Smush Mold Finished Casts/Figure

Now the magnets was just to give you ideas.

But I really meant it when I said I AM LAZY.  I'll spend time in other areas if the end result saves me time.  I could have simply cast the Dianaut Body in a hard plastic resin.  But I opted instead to make actual steel pins.  Why?  Seems like a lot more

Actually, just a few minutes.  The reasons I opted for steel pins is...

 A) As far as I know, no Garage Kit Caster has done these figures with steel pins, so its an identifier.  I can say hey...that's MY work.

B) It saves me work and therefore time.  These are incredibly small.  To try and trim the flashing on those little arm/leg pins is a nightmare.  You actually run the risk of clipping off the pin while trimming it.  With a steel pin, I don't have to worry about it and can run the knife blade along the pin without worry about cutting the pin off.  I can actually trim the flashing nicer and closer.  So it saves me time, saves me from potentially scrapping a part and most importantly...doesn't drive me crazy and get me mad because I have eliminated the point that was most likely to give me grief.  Its easier for me to make the pins than try and trim the pins.

I cast the legs with the original magnets in them.  I can trim away the foot to install the smaller magnets I bought until I can find better fitting magnrts or magnets I can cut into without affecting their field.

Here's the end result.
Cast Body with Steel Pins Inset

Dianaut Assembled Front View

Dianaut Assembled Side View
Now that I know the steel pins work, I need to make more so I can make a bunch of these.  The Yellow was done for visual purposes to contrast with the black.  Chrome paint will ring the chest bump.  Than can be sponged on.  And little magnets will be installed in the feet.


  1. Success!!! You've done it and looks sharp, those steel pins are an ATR only feature. When can I start begging for these in trans resin?

  2. These look awesome Austin. Agreed with Charles on the trans!