Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baron Karza Iron On

Sorry if the title of this post is a little misleading.  On the cover page of Homeworld is an official Micronauts Baron Karza iron on.  But not a vintage iron on.  This iron on is spawned from the 2002 release by Palisades featuring BK kicking the crap out of Ryan Archer.  It was made by MCS Industries.  It isnt a custom home job.  I know some of the printers now a days can do almost anything.

The 2002 Palisades release spawned a new line of Micro-What?  Not only did this Iron On surface, Devils Due Publishing also released decals/sheets of uncut trading cards/ and 2 different covered 3 ring binders.  1 with  Ken Kelly artwork on it and the other with a Devils Due picture of Baron Karza.  T-shirts were also available.  I did have about 25 extra binders, but I donated them to a school in the inner city for lower income families.  There were also 2-11 x 14 posters.  1 was limited to 1000 and I am not sure (someone help me with this) if the other came from a magazine or one of the DDP Micronauts comics.  It has a crease line in the middle.  Its been so long I cant remember where I got it.

I'll make a new post this weekend and add pictures of all the things I just mentioned.  Its 3 am...bedtime.


  1. It was early, so I'm sure that's were your confusion about the sources of these items come from. :-)

    All the modern comic book artwork stems from the Devils Due Publishing (later in conjunction with Image Comics) Micronauts license. Palisades is only related to the toys.

    The trading cards - with their binders and uncut sheets - were from Hero Factory. They featured artwork license from Devils Due's comic, and also artwork from Dave Dorman, and vintage Micronauts related artwork. But it was produced by Hero Factory.

    Devils Due made the comic, and released a couple of posters as well as various larger & smaller format advert fliers, mini-posters, and some small promotional bumper-sticker styled decals. Several small companies also released t-shirts, this iron-one (I wonder if it is a licensed product or a bootleg) an a couple of other odd products based around the Devils Due license.

    Palisades was only involved in the toys. While we might consider them to be the main source of Micronauts licensing, truth is they were only one of a larger package of licensing available using the various media and segments of the Micronauts property.

  2. Thanks for providing this information.

    The iron on says "MCS Industries Inc. Easton, PA" It was the only Iron On I saw surface at the time.

  3. that Devil's Due Micronaut series really sucked. i remember i was really stoked when it first came out but found myself really disappointed how so much of the character and vehicle designs deviated from the original toy line. that's one of the things that made the Mike Golden run in the original series so great is that aside from his usual great pencil work the Micronaut "world" looked and felt very much like the toy line.

  4. Alot more could have been done with the comic, yes that true. I bought the Micronauts Digital Comic and actually got to like the first 4 issues. You really have to remove any image of Marvel from your mind and try not to compare the two. Then it has a little more appeal. Or at least thats what I thought.

    I thought the storyline presented by author Steve Lyons in his Micronauts Trilogy was pretty well thought out and written. He introduced a few more characters and made reference to alot and as much of the vintage Micronauts to keep true to the name.