Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conceptual Art

The cover of Homeworld features a conceptual Art print.  I really need to start recording information more diligently.  This has been around but I'll be damned if I can remember who did it.  From what I can remember, its conceptual art of a futuristic Terraphant.  Anyone with more pertinent and accurate information please post it.

I actually had a bit of luck with this print.  After buying it, the seller informed me that he wasnt aware that there were 2 ADDITIONAL prints in the folder with it.  Rather than flood them onto ebay, he offered them to me and I donated them to a couple of collectors.

I actually wasn't aware that I had this much non figure collectables.  Now that I have been going through my stuff systematically, I am a bit taken back by how long it is taking me to showcase it. 

I am almost done showcasing art and related pictures and am saving the best for last.  Never seen before except by 1 other collector who has only seen half of it...I will be showcasing the Rocket Tubes Diaries with Presentation by Ray Miller sometime in the coming few weeks.


  1. Steve Hodges did this piece. This is the concept art for AMPZILLA. You can see the concept started as a variation on the Terraphant theme, but was probably changed to come up with something more original. You can see the final Ampzilla design's head, eyes, head cannons and tail, and many of the associated mechanical textures in this early concept. There is a similar piece of concept art for Sharkos out there. Both are featured at Innerspace Online somewhere.

    Steve Hodges was pivotal in the development of Kenner's original Star Wars figures. The paintings of the figures and space ships you see on the "12-back" Kenner packaging are Hodges' original concepts that sculptor Bill Lemmon used to sculpt up the original Kenner figures. The backdrop for the early mail-away display stand, and all the artwork see in the Kenner "Early Bird" kit were Hodges'. Hodges was also a prolific Hot Wheels designer.

  2. A Huge thanks for filling in my blanks Ray. Huge. :~)