Friday, July 29, 2011

Dave Dorman Artwork

I am just about done with the artwork.  

A short time ago, I featured a pencil artwork by Dave Dorman.  It is an original.  Unfortunately "The Emperor" painting was given away.  I think it to be the most awesome of all the Palisades Micronaut Paintings.  Ok, I say unfortunately because I want it.  I am sure who ever has it isnt viewing it the same way.  lol. 

My next favorite Dave Dorman  Palisades Artwork isn't the BK of FC paintings...its The Galactic Defender.  This and Enigma Force by Robert Droid are the default pictures for Homeworld.  Years ago, these paintings were offered up for sale.  I instantly fell in love with the Galactic Defender painting.  But my resources wouldnt allow me to purchase it for my collection.  SO when it became available some years later, I jumped all over it.

I wish I could properly explain this...Here's hoping I can.  After having buying a painting and having some commission work done, I cant begin to describe my dislike for the "ART APP" for the Ipod touch screens.  WHile computers have their benefits, I dont see them as being the proper tool to display artwork.  Goodness...I am starting to sound like a  Anyway, with digital pictures, yes you can make and create awesome 2D pictures.  But thats all they are.  You dont get to see the texture of the painting which adds a great deal to it.  Its the texture that gives it if you will.  Its the texture that helps create the painting.  Maybe I am nuts...most likely...but there is nothing that a computer can do, that will ever replace the Artist who paints or the artwork they create.

Before I get to the Rocket Tube Diaries, I will be doing a short display on CUSTOM Micronauts.  But nothing or almost nothing I have made.  Customs I have commissioned or just outright bought from others.

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