Monday, July 18, 2011

Micronaut Sleeping Bag

Its been a while since I talked about it.  Most of the collectors I know all know I have a Micronaut Sleeping Bag.  But I dont think I have ever mentioned it here in my blog.

There have been many interesting 'Micro What?' items.  From the infamous Micronaut Salesman Jewelry Rings and pendants, Halloween costumes and masks.  Lazer Guns, helmets, Bubbletrons.  There were even Micronaut Mattresses.  One surfaced a few years back and I worked out a deal for the box spring, but I couldnt get the seller to commit. 

A former collector has (or had we arent sure anymore) Micronaut Pillows.  They are standard throw cushions that were custom made from the mattress material.  I used to have pictures, I dont know where they went.

Another item was the Micronauts Sleeping Bag.  This doesnt appear to be custom made.  It is all professionally stitched and a place where it appears tags may have been.  Unfortunately, the seller wasnt able to provide me any information on it.  This surfaced in Airdrie Alberta almost 10 years ago.  The Sleeping Bag has the trademarks on it.

Every once in a while I take it out and use it like a comforter for the bed.   I am working on having the pattern duplicated.  It was discussed between myself and a few other collectors in having this duplicated to make additional bed sheets, curtains and possibly even pajamas.  This Sleeping Bag has the complete Micronauts pattern on it.

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  1. I used to own the mattress and bed board. It wasn't really a box spring just a thin board with slats. A buyer wanted just the fabric so I cut it out and sold it to them. The mattress was in bad shape. The fabric was pretty good. At least you have pictures. The mattress looks exactly like the one I had. May even be my old eBay photo! :)