Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Stop wasting your resin!  I was wasting resin?  How?

I should have noticed this earlier.  When I started casting I had a bunch of ideas and questions.  Could I do this or could I do that.  One of the reasons for casting was because I dont like to paint because I am not a very good painter.  In the past, if I painted something, it showed.  So I started casting with pigmentation.

When I made Chiron, I inlaid red resin hilights onto the cast parts.  In effect combining 2 different colors.  When I made Roboid I did the same.  I made the blue half of the torso.  When it was cured, I poured the red in over top it and let the red cure to the blue.  So why didnt I think of this sooner?

I am currently reconditioning a SpiderMobile.  A Mego Solarion remake in red.  It needs some black ski's.  So I am making a few sets.  When making a cast from a new mold, volume is an issue.  How much do I use?

Its always a fear to not quite make enough.  But when making the ski's, I had a bit of waste left over and didnt want to waste it.  It looked like I might be able to fill my King ATlas head mold.  So I started filling up the mold.  Rats...not enough resin.  What a waste.  WAIT A MINUTE...

 So I pressurize the King Atlas head mold even tho its isnt filled to full.  Then when it had cured, I made another set of ski's.  Same color.  Again I poured the left over resin into the King Atlas head mold and pressurized it again.  I did this 3 times.  Each time I poured the left over resin into the King Atlas head mold and pressurized it each time.  I DID NOT open the mold at any time during this process.
 After the 3rd time, the King Atlas head mold was filled.  When it was fully cured, I removed it from the mold.
There isnt a single line in the cast.  It looks like it was made from one complete pour.  There is absolutely no way to know that it took me 3 attempts to fill this mold.  I would gladly use this head for my own purposes.

I need to make a GEEG head mold anyway...Now I can make extra heads with my left over resin as long as the color matches. 

And it took me this long to realize this...Oh yeah...I'm the sharpest knife in the drawer.


  1. hey a couple of King Atlas heads just sold on the Bay for $75+ ... you might think about putting a couple on.

  2. Yeah.....how to comment on this publicly.

    Lets just say Paypal and Ebay have made it very expensive for anyone outside the US to sell items. We get charged a higher percentage in fees and also in the exchange rate. Canadians are classified as INTERNATIONAL. I calculated 3% for Paypal fees...I still had to cover an extra $3.00 and change for everyone I sold because of the different fee scale.

    Conversely, if you ordered from me direct, I can guarantee you wouldnt pay that kind of money.