Friday, December 17, 2010

Copper Chrome King Atlas

The second figure of this series, The Copper Chromed King Atlas.  You can call him a Green Baron if you like, but since he isnt green, I use the more figure friendly name King Atlas. 

I have gone with a simple and common color theme for all of the chrome magnos I have made.

Baron Karza :  Black Hilights
King Atlas : Black Hilights
Force Commander : White Hilights
Emperor : Silver Chrome Hilights

I had the black hilights in my parts organizer so they were easy to get to. Tomorrow, I will go through the closet and dig out my last Red Clear Force Commander and strip the white hilights from it and use it in the Copper Force Commander. Yes, I could easily make the chest hilights by casting them. But I am sparing no expense for these chromed magnos. I want injection molded parts only for these figures. The remaining parts from the Red Clear Force Commander will be recycled into a red clear with Black hilights Force Commander. I will have 3 of these when I am finished.

The Copper Chromed Emperor and the Blue Chrome Emperor will be completed in roughly 8-10 weeks. I have yet to send the hilights for Silver chroming. So it makes no sense to assemble the figure till I need to.

You may notice that there are no back packs and rockets right now.  There was an issue with the backpacks and they have been sent back for touch up work.  I expect them back in a few weeks.

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  1. King Tut called. He wants his toys back.