Thursday, December 16, 2010

Copper Chrome Baron Karza

Well its another late night.  I had a bit of an issue when I misplaced my Purple Chrome Emperor.  I wanted to put the final purple chrome pieces with it so I wouldnt lose them, until I got the silver chrome hilights to assemble him...2 hours later he was located. 

So that delayed me.  But here he is in all his glory.  Copper Chrome BK meets Gold BK.  Im still learning how to use this camera and working with lighting after sundown.  These guys are very hard to get a good photo. This is the only photo that turned out well enough.  The others the lighting was off and the pictures were too dark to reflect the true color. 

I think the Gold BK has met his match.  But Im biased.  I still need to put his rockets on, but Im way too tired right now.

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