Saturday, December 18, 2010

Copper Chrome Force Commander

Im still dieing to put this beside the Gold Force Commander and take some pics.  However its late and Im tired, so it will have to wait till tomorrow for the dual pic.  Plus it will be the first chance this week I will have had to take some daylight pictures.   So I will take pictures of the two of them tomorrow afternoon.  By 5pm its already dark out now. 

 But I was able to get a good picture nonetheless of the Chrome Copper Force Commander.

Now that these have been done.  I am more determined than ever to get a metalizer and do this myself.   I know the theory behind the processes and having never chromed a piece myself, it was my suggestions and recommendations that figured out for the chromer how to hold these in a manner that would allow them to be able to chrome them without damaging them.

Being a machinist for 25 years has only made me more of a perfectionist and I truly believe that I can do a better job because I am more familiar with these figures.

You'll notice the pooling of color in the eyes.  Also, the coloring is slightly inconsistent.  Its still a fantastic looking figure none the less, but it could have been better.  The reason is the chromer is after all this time and a trip down to see him,  is still unfamiliar with the figure.  He has no knowledge of the Micronauts or other figures in the line so he doesnt know what is really important and whats not.

I had hoped to have a metalizer this year, and probably would have if I had not bought this new truck.  So next year Im getting rid of the truck for a cheaper one that will allow me to be able to afford a small metalizer so that I can do this type of work myself.  All in all, I had 14 magno figures chromed plus the Palisades Baron Karza/Andromeda set.  The cost of chroming these figures alone would have bought a small metalizer.  Considering how much chroming I want to do for myself makes this a practical purchase plus I will then be able to provide this as an additional service.

It makes a huge difference when you get someone to do something and they are familiar with the pieces.  Its like asking Robert Bateman to paint a picture of a Micronaut figure.  He is unfamiliar with the line and in all likelihood wont be able to grasp the essence of the figure in the painting as say Ken Kelly would or Dave Doorman.

I can do a bit better of a job and I know it.  If my advice helped them,  then maybe I should seriously consider just doing it myself.


  1. Austin! Your chrome versions exceed plating quality and detail we see in production toys, so the word 'custom' in this case falls short... the work has elevated these treasured toys into actual treasure.

  2. That really looks astounding, and is certainly what the Palisades gold edition Series 1 magnos should have looked like!

    You can count me in on some services when you set up your own metallizer in shop.