Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blood Worm Membros

Sometimes you get stupid and sometimes you get lucky.  This was the one time I got both.

There was a multi action figure ebay auction.  In this auction was a white Emperor among other figures.  It was what I was after believing I didnt have one.  However at the time, it had been a long time since I had been through the closet and I didnt have an inventory list. 

The seller had a few other things in the auction.  Including a Hero Factory  Space Glider still in its baggie.  The seller thought this was the diamond in the rough figure.  I have 265 of those.  2 cases yet unopened.  There was another figure in this lot.  From the picture it looked like a black Membrose.  Yawn.  Back to the Grey or off white Emperor.  That was the prize in this lot.  SO I thought.

I won the auction.  When it arrived, I stared going through the closet to put it away.  WHATS THIS?!?!?  I already had an off white Emperor.  I didnt need to buy this auction at all.  If only I wasnt so stupid and had inventoried my collection.

Hold on...WTF...Whats this???  In the auction, the picture was dark in the one area and didnt reflect the actual colors of one of the figures.  Membros.  In the photo he looked like a typical all black Membros.  But thats not what this was.  This is an official unofficial Palisades run off.  Palisades didnt make any red clear Membros.  Yet this Membros has Red Clear Arms and clear red cuffs for the accessories.  I later found out that there were less than 10 of these figures made and at least half were mistakenly shipped out with the rest of the production figures.  And here I had recieved it by bidding on an auction by mistake.  Had I known I already had an off white Emperor, I would never have bid on the auction.  Further digging revealed it to be called "The Bloodworm Membros"

Altho the cover photo is a little dark, you can clearly see the clear red Membros arms and Cuffs and the figure is MOC.

Stupid and Lucky.  Both at the same time.  Usually its just the Stupid part, but its nice to be lucky every once in a while.  :~)

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  1. Damn cool find, Austin... MOC as well. This is a prototype that must have gotten mixed into regular stock (lots of examples of that surfaced in Series 1), or a production error following a test color combo that wasn't approved for the line. Brad Mcquaid paid big auction bucks for one when Palisades was auctioning early production samples at SDCC the year their line launched. This was one of the color variations Palisades considered, but they decided to go with the all opaque black and grey instead.

    I have one of these loose, and I love this color combo. Some folks call it "Vampire Membros" because of the color looking a lot like Count Dracula in his red & black outfit. I called him Bloodworm Membros because the red makes him look leech-like, I think.